A Very Tiny Trip to the World's Largest Grocery Store: "Lettuce Turnip The Beat"

Published on: 23rd May, 2023

This time... On City On A Hill...

Welcome back to the World's Largest Grocery Store, and to Roll for Shoes. Apologies for some audio hiccups throughout.

Join Keela, Bryan, Greg, Mike, and a surprise Quentin as they adventure once again, in the World's Largest Grocery Store. This game is on a different... scale. We hope you enjoy!

Quentin - https://twitter.com/NerdOfGodcast

Keela - https://twitter.com/kdsubcreations

11ses Podcast and more - https://linktr.ee/kdsubcreations

Bryan - https://twitter.com/ArmsGeek




Greg - City On A Hill Gaming Discord

Mike - https://twitter.com/ArmsGeek



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