Drink Tray to the FACE! – or “Drink Tray Phalanx”

Published on: 9th June, 2019

Teflon-coated Drink Trays for everyone! This time we are joined by Justin aka ChivalryBean, who teaches Ben, Peter (had played before a long time ago), and myself (Ryan) how to play FengShui 2. FengShui 2 is great for getting a better feel for describe action, combat, and dialog for your rpg experience. Highly recommend it. Thanks to Justin for coming and running us through a most amusing game. Hope you enjoy!

To Note – editing is a little rough to save myself some time. It did allow for you to hear more of the system explanation and little pieces to Feng Shui 2. Enjoy!

Justin “ChivalryBean” – https://twitter.com/Chivalrybean

Saving the Game – stgcast.org

Heroes Rise DnD – https://heroesrisepodcast.com/

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