Episode 22, the Finale

Published on: 31st December, 2018

This is the Finale of our first Campaign! Thanks for joining us so far. In January there will some special content and then in February, we will begin Campaign 2. Ben, Daniel, and William will be returning, but sadly Jonathan and Jenna will be retiring from the main cast. They will still appear on occasion in the future though!

Joining us for Campaign 2 will be the fine folks from Saving the Game, Peter, Grant, and Jenny! For those unfamiliar, Saving the Game is
a Christian podcast about tabletop RPGs and collaborative storytelling (taken straight from their website!). You should 100% check them out. Links below!

We hope you have enjoyed City On A Hill this year for our first campaign. If you would leave us a rating and review on iTunes, that would be awesome!

Twitter – CityOnAHillGame
Website – cityonahillgaming.com
Twitch.tv – twitch.tv/cityonahillgaming

Saving the Game

Twitter – https://twitter.com/SavingTheGame
Website – stgcast.org
Twitch.tv – https://www.twitch.tv/stgcast

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