Lake Geneva 75: Session Zero, Part 1 - A Brief History of Thac0 and Wisconsin

Published on: 8th April, 2024

This time... On City On A Hill...

Welcome to Iron Falcon, a new campaign on City On A Hill, run by Greg! This is the first campaign as part of our new platform, the Lamplighters' Guild, our new expansion of content here on City On A Hill! This is our session zero. Join us as we dive into something very new! Big thanks to Greg, Bryan, Emma, and Derek for hanging out and doing this! Looking forward to a new concept, and as always, have a blessed day!

Greg - City On A Hill Discord

Bryan - https://geekatarms.com/



Emma - https://www.instagram.com/iamnotprepaired/


Derek - https://linktr.ee/thegeekpreacher

RPG Links

Basic Fantasy RPG - https://www.basicfantasy.org

Iron Falcon - https://www.ironfalconrpg.com/getit.html

Big thanks to our supporters!  Grizzly Rich, Andrew, Christina, Bryan, Doug, JoAnne, and Tony!


Check us out at @CityOnAHillGame on Twitter or email us at cityonahillgaming@gmail.com

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