(Re-Upload) Season 1, Episode 2 - Even the Butterfly is Distracted By Your Beard

Published on: 4th April, 2023

So partially because they aren't available here on captivate, but mostly because I'm lazy and behind on editing, here are the episodes from Season 1 that you can't listen to from captivate currently! Episodes 1-7 will go up this week. It is, I suppose, sort of apropos, though I'd be doing it regardless, that approximately April every year is our anniversary and we just hit 5 years of pun-based, actual play, family-friendliness! We hope, truly, that you have been enjoying and will continue to enjoy what we do here at City On A Hill Gaming, a Nonsense Factory Podcast.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as Jonathan, Jenna, and William (and eventually Daniel) be all they can be back during the early episodes of Season 1 of City On A Hill!

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